Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Blocks & Ice


With a surprise of fresh “snow” (the Richmond version of 1/4″ or so, not the real stuff) on the ground, 15 faithful and 2 brave FNGs beat the fartsack to post and hoist the blocks. Fortunately for those who didn’t yet have a block, Bleeder/TYA’s stash of extras was intact at the fence line of the basketball court.


Grab your block and mosey over to the middle of the field. Drop blocks in a pile and circle up for a warm-up COP: Side-Straddle Hop x 30, Flutter Kicks x 20, Russian Soldiers x 16, Slow Crunches x 17, Carolina Dry Dock x 16 (all in Cadence)

Hoist your block and line up parallel to the 11s trees. Lunges to baseline along the basketball courts while holding block above the waist (OYO)

Grab a partner for “There and Block Again” — one partner runs down to touch a tree while second partner does allotted exercise. Rotate once partner 1 returns, plank up on block when done. Allotted exercises: Curls, Tricep Press, Curls + Tri Press (no halt in between), Lawnmower Pulls R, Lawnmower Pulls L. (all OYO)

Stay in line and do Block Merkins w/ Right Hand on Block x 10, then with Left Hand on Block x 10 (in Cadence)

Mosey to Tennis Court & school wall for Block Triple check – Partner 1 sprints to fence, Partner 2 does People’s Chair while holding block above head, Partner 3 does mericans on the blocks. Plank up when done. Rinse & repeat.

Mosey with your block to shovel flag for COT.



Great to have a PAX large enough on a cold, icy morning that YHC had to sometimes repeat instructions to parts of the group. Welcome to FNG Swirly and FNG Stretch, both did an excellent job hanging with the PAX.

Groans were definitely heard upon explanation of Triple Check, particularly at the mention of People’s Chair with block overhead. Incidentally, in a moment of weakness YHC course corrected and decided to not have the sprint to the fence involve hauling the block.

“Touch a tree” somehow ended up being “almost everyone converge on a single tree”. That same tree had a nice sheet of ice leading up to it. LG (and others?) nearly slid head first into it more than once. Wilson adjusted his route to stop short of the tree at least once, but Toga called him out on it and it didn’t happen again.


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  1. Good job this morning, men! I know I thought “this block is heavier than last time” every time I picked it up…

  2. Great Job Loose Goose! The “Sunny and 70” Blocks are still at the Shop, Will resupply the stash next time out.

  3. That was just good clean fun this morning. I think everyone was a little excited about the snow, and I was thankful that tennis court wasn’t iced over. I also move that Wilson’s new name be “Riggs.” He’s that loose cannon that plays hard and fast with the rules but still gets his man. I’ve got some ideas on who should be Murtaugh…