Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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6 faithful posted for a glorious Saturday Gridiron workout. We anticipated late arrivals from those attending the earlier morning workout at #DogPile.

The Thang:

Chum Bucket Q
Mosey to school soccer field for COP
25 SSHs
25 Imperial Walkers
25 Windmills
Stand in squat position while passing rugby ball around the circle

Jog around soccer field to school football field for the Ball and Half Beast
Start at 50 yard line and jog to south end zone while passing the rugby ball
Turn around and return to the 50
From the 50, run towards the north end zone completing 6 burpees at the 25 yard line, the end zone, back to the 25 yard line, and return to the 50
Repeat passing drill heading south twice more and and likewise with Half Beast heading north – merkins and mountain climbers as other exercises

Jog towards and through the parking lot to the volleyball courts

(Consipiracy, Lug Nut & Johnsonville enter stage left)

Bear crawl across the courts and follow with 50 LBCs
Jog into the woods via the trail provided
At stop 1, complete 25 one-armed upright merkins per side using trees provided and follow with 50 LBCs
Stop 2, complete 25 squat jumps and follow with 50 LBCs
Stop 3, complete 25 step ups per side using fallen trees provided and follow with 50 LBCs

Tag up with Döner Kebab to Q

Mosey to lower baseball field.

Burp & Merk 1 to 9 back to 1

15 second mosey to bleachers

Tibatta: Dips x 8
Tibatta: Imperial Squat Walkers x 8

mosey to main football field

X’s & O’s for 2 minutes

25 degrees with the sunrise feels a lot warmer than 12 degrees in the dark. Shovel flags think so too.

TClaps to Conspiracy, Lug Nut & Johnsonville for making it to half of our workout after attending the first 6am Saturday workout in Richmond.

YHC learned what YHC stands for.

Lug Nut was not bare-legged. #awkward

YHC increased the Burp & Merck by 1 since the last time it was attempted. Next time we’ll go to 10.

Johnsonville appreciated the intensity of the final 18 minutes so much that his lower body rested (stopped responding?) during the X’s & O’s.

Chum Bucket wants to incorporate a tower climb into a future GridIron workout, but Wilson thinks we should get approval from his wife first.


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  1. Nice job fellas, and TClaps for JVille, Conspiracy, and Lug Nut! I sense that there may need to be some competition between the two Saturday workouts.

  2. Wilson’s wife said climb at your own risk, but for Wilson’s next Q she is putting together a killer workout!