Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Just relax and breathe easy…


As this was an “exploratory” test run for a new AO at Byrd Park, I encouraged the PAX to relax and breathe easy to help this go more smoothly.  It was a frosty morning for our little experiment, but I think we learned a lot and will be at it again next week.


Mosey to Carillon circle for warm-up:  Split Jumps, Larry Craigs, Mtn Climbers, bicycles

Mosey to VITA for to start the course:

  1. 3×10 pull-ups while your partner does squats
  2. mosey to rope where YHC and one other failed miserably on a rope climb.  YHC is blaming that on the cold and the chain on the bottom part of the rope.
  3. Mosey to rings for 2×10 curl-ups while partner does LBC
  4. Mosey to A Frame for up and over while partner does Dollys (Note: Conspiracy motivated a few of us to do this inverted)
  5. Mosey to single leg up lunges 2×10 ea leg
  6. Mosey to next bar for push fest: 20x merkins, 20x derkins, 20x larry criags
  7. Mosey to dip bars for 2×10 dips while partner does walking lunges
  8. Lunge walk to next tree and complete VITA

Mosey tour of AO led by Conspiracy followed by 4x run Carillon steps

2×10 box jumps on lower steps

Mosey to COT in Dogwood Dell

This really was a fun little experiment with about 3x more people than I expected.  That’s a lot of commitment for a relatively new region, and some of the PAX were off the next workout #TClaps.  We did have a flag provided by Bleeder who left it outside hise garage for our 0530 pickup.  Special thanks to Bleeder for not having the werewolf out that morning.

The AO truly has a lot of potential, and Conspiracy has a lot of experience working out there.  I think we have found a new home for our earlier Saturday workout, and the race is on to name it.  The leading contender so far is “DogPile” provided by Lug Nut.  The best part was rolling up on some other group who was about to go on a 0700 run, and they seemed very intrigued that we were finishing our workout.  EH happened.


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