Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Following the Frozen Fox


3 Frozen Runners appeared in the Gloom.  It felt Sunny and 70 compared to Yesterday.

The Thang

TYA explained the Route,  Bleeder would be the Frozen Fox, He would run to Grove and turn Left, and run to Three Chopt,  TYA and Scream would turn right and run to Malvern and then Run to Three Chopt. and then all run back around Mary Munford to the #ShovelFlag.



YHC enjoyed being the Fox, to see if TYA and Scream could catch me; for the first mile I was looking for a target to chase,  then after I passed them on the return to the SF;  I realized a fox does not survive the chase;  which put some extra strength into my step.  You never know how fast you can run until your life depends on it.  ( next time YHC plans to leave a Chalk Board sign at StarBucks Free Coffee/water to  All F3 Runners Until 6:00am)

(per TYA) Once again Bleeder proved that he does indeed possess scary speed.  With approximately 100 yards left in the run he sprinted to the shovel flag at an impressive rate, leaving The Scream and TYA in the dust.  Upon reaching the shovel flag, Bleeder collapsed into the frozen tundra.

Total distance covered:  The fox made it 3.6 miles at a pace around 11:40 per mile.  Scream and TYA covered about 4.4 miles at  somewhere close to a 9 minute pace.  Not blazing speed, but an improvement by all.

The Scream maintains that all of his friends from Maine, believe the Heat wave that we are having is perfect running weather,  TYA was unaware that The Scream had a plethora of friends from Maine.

The Tomatoes appeared again on the Basketball courts,  TYA welcomed them back in the normal yankee way.

The Scream continued with his superior counting skills, during the numberama,  although there were three of us,  we did manage to get to 79.  The Scream has contemplated teaching the “Economics and Art” class at UR, but most of his friends from Maine have pushed him to have an art gallery showing thermometers instead.




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  1. Nice run.fart has held me the last two days. @Scream, counting aside, if I had some art to sell, would you be able to guide me?