Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

#45MOM PAX Overcomes Frozen Tundra


Twelve of the F3Richmond faithful bravely dragged themselves out into 12 degree F temperatures to choke down a very large #RedPill this morning. Here is how it went down:

THE THANG (Jville on Q):

Mosey to COP

50X SSH to heat things up a little
15 X Merkins
19X Imperial
25X Windmills

Mosey to soccer fields for The Beast

6×6 Burpees OYO / Plank
6×6 Freddie Mercury / Plank
6×6 Jump Squats / Plank
6×6 Wide Merkins / Plank
6×6 (per leg) Single Leg Air Humps / Plank
6×6 Carolina Dry Docks / Plank

Mosey to Benches and Picnic Table for Lindays

30x Dips / 10x Merkins  OYO
25x Dips / 15x Merkins OYO
20X Dips / 20X Merkins OYO
15x Dips / 25x Merkins  OYO
10x Dips / 30x Merkins OYO

Plank and Hold

Mosey back to Shovel Flag



Very interesting that the headcount equaled the Fahrenheit temperature this morning.  #Tclaps to all that posted, especially Lugnut, who kept alive his streak of showing up in shorts no matter what.  A motion has been made (and is hereby seconded) to rename Lugnut “Frozen Rotors.”  There is also a drive among the PAX to chip in and buy Lugnut some proper winter workout gear. What a loving bunch we are at F3Richmond.  #NarcissisticPride

It did seem like everyone stayed in their cars right up to post-time, but maybe I just imagined that.  TYA commented (in the same exuberant tone that he evokes #FEBAs) that it felt “sunny and 70” to him.  I did throw in a few extra Yankee Aggressors for TYA this morning in the midst of the Beast.

The Scream’s counting skills were on display, 86, 79, and 93 somehow finding their way into a countdown from 10.  We are pretty sure that The Scream’s successful career as an artist and art professor does not involve paint-by-numbers.

Speaking of streaks, ChumBucket was just barely late this morning, but did manage to keep his LIFO streak just barely alive.  We reaffirm that it is ok to be late as long as you post.

TYA and LG did some AO RECON in search of the Blocks after COT. They were found after some errant wandering.  Side note, don’t send out TYA and LG for search and rescue missions.

Bleeder and Lugnut were checking their V8 sound comparisons on the way out this morning; Merican Thunder versus German Growl! Great way to start a morning!

Sincere thanks Bleeder for putting together most of this Backblast.

— Johnsonville


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  1. My arms still feel like jelly 1 day later after the Lindsays.
    I never felt the cold after the burpees.