Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

F3Richmond Brings in 2015 at #45MOM


Nine of the Faithful and One FNG bravely dragged themselves out of their post-New-Years haze for a special 1 hour bootcamp workout at #45MOM.  Here is how it went down:


Mosey to field

20 x sides straddle hops
20 x Don Quixote
25 x little baby crunches
15 x Merkins

Mosey to side of school
Triple check
One pax, people’s chairs, second pax, slow squats, third pax run to fence and back (high knees, butt kicks, backwards, sprint), switch and repeat x4

Mosey to front of school

“The Yogi Bear”
Four picnic tables, 1 minute at each station. First station incline Merkins, second station box jumps, third station decline Merkins, fourth station dips. Repeat all four stations twice.


Mosey to NW corner of AO for enhanced DIRTY McDEUCE consisting of the following:

12 x burpee OYO
12 x mountain climber (double count)
12 x dolly

Bear Crawl about 50 meters.  Mosey to SW corner of OA.  25 Merkins OYO.  Plank.

12 x Wilson’s Wife (i.e., partner inverted military press OYO)
12 x werkin
12 x Freddie Mercury (double count)

Walking Lunge about 50 meters. Mosey to SE corner of OA. 25 Merkins OYO. Plank.

12 x burpee OYO
12 x standing mountain climber (double count on curb)
12 x Russian twist (double count)

Bear Crawl about 50 meters. Mosey to NE corner of OA. 25 Merkins OYO. Plank.

12 x Wilson’s Wife (see definition above)
12 x thrust
12 x LBC (double count)

Walking Lunge about 50 meters. Mosey to NW corner of OA so Q could recover his fleece.  Mosey to shovel flag for COT.


Four of the eleven-member PAX today were 50+, suggesting that the youngish F3Richmond crowd is starting 2015 with an aversion to pain.  Former-FNG, now known as “Squirrel,” did not get that memo, and found himself Splashing Merlot about a third of the way through the enhanced Dirty McDeuce.  Welcome Squirrel!  Great job today PAX!

Happy New Year!



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  1. Special thanks to Conspiracy for A. showing up and B. nagging some of the older guys, YHC included, to use the top of the picnic tables for box jumps. It was a great way to start the new year!

  2. Yeah, yeah, yeah. If you showed up for today’s workout, you would have seen me actually show up before the workout started. I think it’s the first time I’ve made it for the start of a Friday workout.

    Qs, great workout! Looking forward to Saturday.