Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

365 Merkins and a Megaphone


12 PAX, including two guests from NC, showed up for the GridIron on Saturday.


Cousteau Q

Half mile warm-up run from the park, around the school, and around to the school soccer field



Ass-Kickers (right lunge, left lunge, down to a merkin and back to lunge position)



Flutter kicks

Football field circuit

Partner carries 25 yards each, duck walk 25 yards, and bear crawl 25 yards

Complete 4 times

Tunnel of Love – bunny hops to the tunnel and bear crawl through

Two 100 meter sprints on the track, jogging the corners in between

Cousteau Q tag up with Chum Bucket

Mosey to rear baseball field for COP

3 sets of 30 merkins OYO

Jog wooded trail to Park

COP for more merkins followed by single-file “rabbit run” through woods.

Rinse and repeat until PAX completes 365 merkins.

Mosey to parking lot for quick 3 Minutes of Mary.




Cousteau led a long warm-up lap of the school grounds and kept the PAX panting for 30 minutes. Per Cousteau, “Hope your legs felt it the next day – next time we’re going to do a log workout.” Whatever that is.


The Tunnel of Love through frost and mud was a highlight of the morning.


Chum Bucket sought to squeeze in over 300 merkins in the final 30 minutes of the workout. The PAX pushed away in spite of worsening form and knotting triceps.





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