Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Megaphone ventures to the RVA



The PAX was seven strong on this crisp, clear day in RVA.  Just prior to our start, a new PAX member showed up. Quiet at the start, he mentioned that he was from down south in NC.

The Thang:

Run around school to corner of Westmoreland and Grove, Run to Three Chopt and turnaround.  Run back to Westmoreland, turn around and run back to Bleeder,  Run with Bleeder back to the shovel flag.    Stretch out.

COT, Bleeder took us out into the post Christmas world with a few inspirational words.


To The Scream’s chagrin, the Starbucks at Libbie and Grove was not open at its usual time this morning, so our emergency constitutional stop was not available.  As a result, Scream had to cut his run short to hit head back home to his porcelain beauty.  Morning workouts sometime do interrupt our normal routines.

Conspiracy caught up with us for the final half mile.  Having not seen us on his ride down Grove, he assumed we headed into Windsor farms.  So Conspiracy did a new route, searching for the PAX in the Farms and around the AO.  He finally found us towards the end or our run on Grove where he led Bleeder back to the shovel flag.  #nomanleftbehind.

Our friend from NC was very quiet at the start of the workout.  He walked up, did not say much, but was clearly a seasoned F3 participant.  So we started the run….then the mumblechatter started.  The Scream and YHC were slightly ahead of Brain Tumor and our NC friend.  Despite the 50 yard lead, The Scream and I could clearly hear the conversation between Brain Tumor and our guest.   The mumblechatter lasted the entire 4+ mile run.  When we turned around to run back to Bleeder, the guest introduced himself to YHC.  Shockingly his name was “Megaphone”.  Had he not been named megaphone by his hometown PAX, we would have renamed him.  It is incredible how good the PAX is at nailing the right name for each member.  #thewisdomofthepax.  Look for (or better yet, listen for) Megaphone at tomorrows Gridiron.

Megaphone, great to have you join us this morning.  Always nice to have new members of the PAX an we loved your company and enthusiasm for F3.

The running PAX continues to get stronger.  I can see the improvement in myself and the other PAX weekly.  Always a pleasure to have the honor of leading this group of men.  Great work guys.

Next workouts

Saturday, Pouncey Tract Park @ 7am

Tuesday Hugenot Park, 530am

Thursday Mary Munford, 7am, special 1 hour New Years workout

Friday, RAMM, Mary Munford, 530am




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  2. I had planned to post but after an intermittent sleep pattern by our 3-month old and hence the rest of the house, I #fartsacked it this morning. Sounds like a good run and I wish I hadn’t missed it!

  3. Megaphone is one of the few Pax who had a name before he attended a workout. We are glad to have him on our team!