Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Crosswalk Sprints


4 Men rose early to run the usual route


We ran it.


Abacus gave us some medical history and how his challenges have lead to some seriously competitive Half-Marathon and Full Marathon Times!

The Scream discussed new and inventive ways of using test questions in his art classes at U of R that utilizes his F3 name.

As the last runner, YHC,  The PAX ran back to me on Grove when they finished,  as We came to the CrossWalk on Westmorland,  The Pax was told to Sprint 100% to the Next Cross street. This was after 3+ miles for most to the PAX; TYA was told to try and keep up.

YHC made it to Granite Ave along the usual route before the lead runners(aka the rest of the PAX) was coming back down Grove Ave, The knee is continuing to build strength and endurance, but still got long ways to go!

Amazingly, the weather was Sunny and 70,

Loose Goose will be happy to know that the Extra Blocks were still in place by the tennis courts.

Next Workouts:

Saturday, Dec 20 (#Gridiron): Earthworm & Slater
Tuesday, Dec 23 (#NoToll): TYA & Lug Nut
Wednesday – Christmas Eve: (#45 Minutes of Mary)Bleeder
No Workout – Christmas Morning


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