Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

There and Block Again!


In the post-BrewThru gloom, twelve blockin’ warriors made up the PAX, including only one grizzled reindeer from Wednesday’s CSAUP BrewThru*. Presumably the 7 who didn’t make it were afraid of the blocks. The grass was crispy, (most of) the blocks were sturdy, and the PAX was up to the challenge.

*It is unclear whether the below brewery was on the Wednesday run but left undocumented in the BB



Pick up Blocks & mosey to east side of MM


20XRussian Soldiers


12X Block Merkins


20X Reverse LBC

Pick up blocks & mosey to Field

Drop off blocks

Form 2 lines for Indian Run around Field 2 Times

Return to Blocks

Pair up for “There and Back (Block) Again”

– 2x Sprint Black top – partner Block curls

– 2x Sprint Black top – partner Block Mil Press

– 2x Sprint Black top – partner Block Lawnmower Pulls, first sprint right, second sprint left

– 2x Sprint Black top – partner Block Tricep Press (standing or lying down)

– 1x sprint Sidewalk – Block Burpee

Pick up blocks and mosey back to Field

8 days of Christmas (12d cut short)

1- Burpee

2- Lunges (each side)

3- Knee Bends

4- Block Dips

5- Diamond Merkins

6- WW2 Sit ups

7- Carolina Dry Dock

8- LBC



TYA told LG that the blocks were not going to be there today, (HE DID NOT WANT TO DO THEM) however, Bleeder,(WHO DOESN’T MIND BLOCKS, because it doesn’t involve running(Except when LG says run with the Blocks)) brought them to LG’s excited surprise.  Some discussion about the differences between General Contractors and Trade Contractors ensued.

Soon thereafter, Oyster, who happened to be the only Member of the PAX that joined the Brew-Thru last night #TRIPLECLAPS!, He proceeded to have his block fall apart on him, he decided that a heavier block would more appropriate versus carrying the block in pieces.

After realizing that running a long way with Blocks is probably not the best thing to do, LG decided to deposit the Blocks near the Black top for Later usage.  Although unintentional, the blocks did look like Richmond’s second formation of Stone Henge,  BLOCK HENGE RULES!

Bleeder took advantage of the inside lane on the Indian Run, he was able to hit the APEX of every corner,  A racer never gives up the inside lane.  This would be the first Indian Run that Bleeder could maintain with his group, TYA helped keep a reasonable pace to help Bleeder complete that Goal!

As we returned to the Black Top  area, Brain Tumor was kind enough to point out the mud pit formation, Bleeder’s comment to TYA, had OBT been the Q, he would have thanked BT for pointing out this new feature in the AO, and then had the PAX roll through it with Some form of Charlotte COP.

On the return to field, Lug Nut displayed the Shoulder carrier Block run with amazing speed. If you can do it with no hands,  that’s an accomplishment!

TYA and Bleeder did deposit some extra Blocks along the Tennis court fence should anyone forget their’s or should a FNG need one.


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  1. @The Nanny I must confess that @Bleeder generously wrote a lot of the BB for me after I noted at the end of the workout that I may not remember everything we did. That was a result of me winging it when the blocks were indeed on site after @TYA emailed me the night before to tell me they wouldn’t be there… Had to use them!

    Because I neglected to note it earlier, thanks to @Bleeder for the assist!