Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

#GridIron: Turning up the Pain-o-Meter


Thirteen of the faithful posed on a lovely December morning.  There is nothing like starting the weekend with Gloom.


Toga Q:

Mosey to track for 800m warmup.

Mosey to soccer field for COP: 20 split jumps, 10 plange merkins (hands rotated out), 15 sit-ups

Run to end of files to start Al Carmichael: run length of field with rounds of 11 reps for each exercise: merkins, LBC, Imperial walkers, SSH, burpees, split jumps

Mosey to hill by cricket field for “The Bear Went Over the Mtn”: partner up with one partner doing exercise (merkins, LBC, side lunges) while his “friend” bear crawls backwards up the hill and forward down the hill.

Jville Q:

Mosey asphalt area inside track at front of school.


Forties with Carolina Drydocks and AirHumps.

Run 400m

Forties with Thrusts / Freddie Mercuries

Run 400m

Mosey to start



Toga realized half way through the Al Carmichael that the PAX indeed realized that each set would be 11, and their repetitive asking was just for nagging effect. Toga also let the PAX choose their poison on the exercises to make it feel more democratic. Doner Kebab made lots of friends with his choice of burpees.

The Bear Went Over the Mountain will return. I think the PAX really enjoyed the backwards bear crawls but also appreciated when Toga announced that the bear had gotten smarter and would now go forward up the and backwards #Reality.

It was great that Conspiracy joined us for the 40s and then cramped up. It must be a Marine thing #LIFO.

Do not forget the 1st Annual F3Richmond Holiday BrewThru this Wednesday, December 17, 2014 starting at Strangeways Brewing, 2277 Dabney Rd, and meandering on foot to various breweries around the area.  Bring cash, a head light, and reflective gear to stay safe on the run!


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  1. All jokes aside, I think most of us would have turned around and headed home if we were as late as Conspiracy. He came out and smoked everyone on the 400s #typical and made sure he got something out of the workout. A little bit of F3 is better than no F3 at all! He will be missed at the BrewThru.

  2. Well done, men! Great way to start off a Saturday with some good F1 (fitness) and F2 (fellowship). And kudos to Conspiracy for his persistence to find some gear around the house when he thought it was all elsewhere to get out there for the last third of the workout.

  3. Well, heck. It’s 20 minutes more than no workout at all. I’m just bummed that Goose took me on the last 40!