Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Catch Us if you Can!


Three of the faithful appeared for a run on a cool, beautiful Friday morning.  Johnsonville was Q, and here is out it unfolded:

The Thang:

Depart AO to east.  Run clockwise around AO and take left on Grove.  Run to Three Chopt and back again.


12 Merkins
18 slow squats
20 LBCs
15 Dollies
18 Freddie Mercs


The Moleskin:

I (Jville) was about 5 min. late, not because I was fart-sacking, but because my mind was wandering when I left the house (as it tends to do). I headed out toward work and, after about 15 min, realized I was in the wrong part of town.

The PAX commenced its run on time, and, when I arrived, I found myself with about 1/2 mi. to catch up.  I settled into a 5k pace until I finally caught the PAX on the last leg of the run.  It was very nice to slow down to a normal run pace and to enjoy company.




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