Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Off the reservation


6 faithful and two FNG’s showed up on the crisp December morning in RVA to sharpen their bodies and minds.  Great day for a workout!!!



Mosey to corner of Commonwealth and Cary

21x Don Quixote (Windmills)

20x Side Straddle Hops

15x Merkins

25x Little Baby Crunches

20s Slow Squates

Mosey to corner of Cary and Windsor way.  Stop at the Windsor Way bus shelter for one minute of dips.  Mosey down the red brick road to Dover Baptist Church field.

The Beast (at least most of a Beast, we only did five exercises instead of six. Given  the significance of he number 6 to the beast, I think next time we will do a sixth exercise).  Exercises were Merkins, squat jumps, rowers, burpees, and mountain climbers

Mosey towards shovel flag.  Stop on the way for a plank and 10 more Merkins.  Mosey back to shovel flag.  Side planks on each side and regular planks for a minutes.  Then straight into six minutes of  mary #6MOM

20x Flutter kicks

20x Rosalita

25x Freddy Mercury



Today we ventured off the reservations heading into Windsor Farms for a little excursion.  Good to see some new territory and find some new tools along the way to inflict a little pain to the PAX.  A few unexpected hazards along the way as well: first, the folks in and along windsor farms do not do a very good job of maintaining the sidewalks.  For a ritzy neighborhood like this, you would think they could repair the infrastructure #anklebreaker.  Secondly, because of the uneven sidewalks, several of the PAX took to the lawn next to the brick path–also dangerous as the trees branches are very low causing anyone over 5 feet tall a problem #decapitation

Loose Goose spent some time today trying to figure out how the Brew Thru next week was going to work.  He was wondering if they had some sampler sized beers that he could buy in lieu of a 16 ounce draft.  Johnsonville and several other chimed in and said that although intellectually it doesn’t seem possible to drink and run it can happen!  Just let it unfold Loose Goose.  One of the other PAX mentioned another event he had heard of.  It had 12 stops and at each stop you had to eat a taco.  If you splashed merlot, you were out of the race.  Now that is the definition of CSAUP!

Thanks to the two FNG’s coming and joining us this morning.  Both Pucker and Ronaldo acquitted themselves very well.  Hope to see you out there in the future!

YHC had a little bit of a reality check when he got back home.  After the workout in the relatively chilly weather, he reentered the fartsack to read for a few minutes.  I was complaining (to myself) how cold I was and how miserable I was feeling at the time.  I tucked myself into the fartsack, picked up my kindle and continued reading my current selection: Night by Elie Weisel.  For those who have not read this book, It is a first person account of the holocaust by Elie Weisel who was 15 at the time of the events.  So as I was moaning about my dire situation of being cold in my 70 degree house in my comfortable fartsack, i was reading about humans being transported to a concentration camp in a cattle car.  #CONTEXT #firstworldproblems

Normal workouts continue as scheduled.  Friday 530 run at Mary Munford, 7:00 Saturday at Pouncey Tract Park, and Tuesday at 530 in Hugenot Park.  Next Wednesday is the first annual Brew Thru, starting at 600 at Strangeways brewery.  Festivities will continue onto four other pubs, with the final stop at Hardywood




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  1. Glad to get my first look at a shovel flag made with muffler parts — very solid! Great job this morning, men. The Beast was, as always, some good pain coupled with some good running.

  2. Is the TClaps button on the fritz? Pucker may be my new favorite handle, can’t wait to hear the story. Hopefully i will be back in the saddle for Saturday morn.

  3. Is the TClaps button on the fritz? Pucker may be my new favorite handle, can’t wait to hear the story. Hopefully i will be back in the saddle for Saturday morn.