Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The sincerest form of flattery…


Although F3 is new to Richmond, I think the number of people who regularly post and the FNGs that immediately come back after their first post says a lot about the formula.  For many of us it’s love at first sight, and days when you don’t post feel like there is something lacking.  All that said, starting each COP warm-up with SSH began to make me a bit nutty.  Enter the blatant theft of a CLT workout to break things up a bit (sorry I can’t find the exact post to cite the source).  8 posted for a great, perfectly cool morning at #GridIron.


30@30:  split jumps/ball dippers, mtn climbers, high knee run, rocking plank, sit-ups- 30 secs ea. and repeat circuit 4x

Mosey to track for : 2×200 w merkins, 2×100 w lunges, 2x50m partner carries

Mosey to back baseball field for partner bear crawls up the hill, 20 dips, 10 derkins, repeat circuit 4x

Mosey to playground for #Ciabatta: curls and Russian twists

Mosey back to flag for 4MoM: Single leg raises, single leg hip extensions, Rosalita

Moelskin:  I think the PAX appreciated a change from the usual, and it was fun to lead a workout that didn’t involve counting cadence at each stop.  Brain Tumor trying to buddy up with Conspiracy for the partner carries was a classy move, and I think most of the PAX will try to know where he is in case of similar events in the future, #SomeoneYourSize.  It was a great way to start a weekend of holiday prep.

CSAUP** EVENT: 1st Annual F3 Richmond Holiday Brew Thru — 1800 on 12/17 at Strangeways Brewery. 3.4 mile run with stops 4 breweries along the way (beer consumption at any point is optional).



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