Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Run to the Run


Three Brave souls posted, the weather was sunny and 70


Run: Commonwealth Ave to left on Grove Ave to left E Locke Lane, over Cary Street Road to Pocahontas Ave, We all went down on Pocahontas, then left on Hillcrest to the bottom of the hill. then Left on Charmian Road, then up The Big HIll… Cut over to Dover, just to the Church, Turned left toward Windsor way, then back across Cary Street Road to MM.


About a 3 mile run.

Neuman informed TYA and YHC about his exploits in the fine city of Detroit; unfortunately it sounded like the weather in Michigan was not as nice as Virginia, Neuman failed to bring a coat with him; It was not Sunny and 70 there.

TYA made the decision to run to the run in the gloom, YHC was kind enough to not make him run home. I would point out the TYA lives near the bottom of the hill we ran, He did that Hill Twice! TClaps to that accomplishment!

TYA did manage to navigate the run without stepping into any piles of Dog Droppings,  It may have been a UMASS vs Harvard(I think that’s where OBT went to school) Thanksgiving Social Repellant tactic; however, with Neuman’s Harvard Law degree the Windsor Farms dogs were most likely afraid of legal retaliation.

There were no signs of unintentional acceleration from any parties this morning!  YHC could have used some.

YHC did plan the route using his  Civil War knowledge from his Virginia Military Institute degree.  The Trenches can only provide for small hill workouts,  we wanted something bigger.  Col J. T. L. Preston would have been proud.

YHC used this run as a warm-up for the ChumpCar Chumpionship this weekend at VIR,  should your holiday plans find yourself halfway between South Boston and Danville,  come by and see us,  Lug Nut, The Sheikh, Ricky Bobby and YHC will be driving the wheels off a couple of really old & really crappy cars,  that happen to be great Race Cars.

Upcoming we have regular workouts on Saturday 0700 Gridiron, and Tuesday 0530 at Huguenot Park. And…

CSAUP** EVENT: 1st Annual F3 Richmond Holiday Brew Thru — 1800 on 12/17 at Strangeways Brewery. 3.4 mile run with stops 4 breweries along the way (beer consumption at any point is optional).


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  1. Sounds like a good run, fellas! I always enjoy Bleeder’s moleskin comments… Hoping to be able to join you for this Fri run at some point soon

  2. Sorry I missed it, boys. Probably good thing I did as Toga put us through the paces this morning at Gridiron. Good luck to the F3 Gearhead Crew at VIR this weekend!