Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

“We’ll send him a red cap and a Speedo”


In honor of his namesake, Cousteau made some interesting discoveries on his first day out.  17 posted for Cousteau’s #VirginQ at #GridIron, and he did not disappoint.


Q= Cousteau

Warm-up mosey

COP: Side-Straddle Hop (Jumping Jack); Merkins, Hello dollies into flutter into hold, Supermans, Bicycles, Burpees 10

Agility Drills:

1: every foot 2x
2: inside ladder, right/left side
3: left to right(two feet inside)
4: facing left/facing right (two feet inside)
5: out and in (hopscotch) 2x

Sprint to end cone, shuffle to next cone, defense back peddle, bunny hops. 5 merkins, build to 10.

Walking lunge 50 yards/back peddle 50 yards to goal line.

Switch to Toga:

Mosey to track for 4x sprint 100m jog the turns

Partner up for bear crawl up the hill by track, 10 sit-ups at top of hill repeat 3x

Mosey to school for People’s Chair x2 and capped off with 20 derkins

Mosey to the #GridIron for 15 rocking planks, 20 Freddy Mercurys, 20 reverse renegades



I think we all knew Cousteau played soccer, but I don’t think we knew he was a current soccer coach.  This became crystal clear when we got to the field for lots of footwork drills.  It was well done and demonstrated that we can all use some focus #understatement on our footwork.

It was a beautiful, crunchy morning on the fields, and Earthworm brought it home with a great closing prayer.  Remember the Thursday Convergence!

Toga and Cousteau


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