Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Winter League Baseball and Merkin Fest at the GridIron

The Gloom was gloriously cold … and the 7 Faithful and 1 FNG were loving it. 24 degrees was the starting temp, but with the quick pace from the outset, the PAX did not take long to forget about the cold. TNT and his rucksack came to visit from Columbia/Lake Murray SC, always great to see connections from across F3 Nation.


Earthworm’s virgin Q
Mosey to front Diamond for COP:

Welcome and Disclaimer

20 SSHs

12 Squats

20 Windmills

12 Back Lunges

15 Imperial Walkers

Mosey to LF Pole for Pole to Pole and First to Thirds:

50% run to CF and 10 Jump Squats

50% run to RF Pole and 5 Burpees

Karaoke (face foul) to 1B skin edge

75% run to 2B skin edge and 100% run to 3B skin edge

Karaoke (face fair) to LF Pole and Plank

Rinse and Repeat

Lunge walk to 3B

Mosey to covered bus stop behind school and man up to pillars:

Alternating People Chairs and Planks with slalom runs

Hand off Q to Loose Goose

Mosey to soccer field baseline, with TNT taking the Albatross

Merkin Suicides (run to midfield, 10 Merkins, run back. same to end line, then midfield again, and finish with 10 Merkins at baseline for total of 40 Merkins)
Backward run to end line, forward sprint back to baseline
COP on the soccer field
LBCs x20
Hello Dolly x15
Merkins x10
Freddie Mercurys x15
Smurf Jacks x10
Merkins x10
Mosey back to soccer field baseline for more of what everyone loves
Merkin Suicides (minus the run back each time. Stop at midfield, end line, and midfield again, and then baseline. At each stop 10 Merkins, 40 Merkins total)
Mosey to playground:
Inverted pulls x8
LBCs x12
Superman/Banana (switch every 10 sec for a minute)
Inverted pulls x10



T-claps to Earthworm on a great job in his virgin Q. It’s good to have him in the rotation. Notwithstanding the pre-workout encouragement of Johnsonville and Toga, Earthworm blew the cadence on the second exercise – so much for remedial college basic math.

Inspired by Toga’s “exuberance” (genuine, not FEBA variety) for teamwork, the PAX welcomed the introduction of the “restrictor plate” moseys.  But it didn’t take long for the fleet-footed Achilles and the mighty Ajax members of the PAX to scoff at the worn 185/65 Michelin and yearn for a more robust “Albatross.”  And TNT shamed the effort as he adorned himself with a ruck sack laden with 30+ lbs of bricks in preparation for his upcoming GoRuck event.  Nonetheless, it was observed that 2 of the PAX “teamed up” in transporting the Albatross to the final COP – mission accomplished.  More challenging Albatross pending?

The Thrilla Gorilla joined us on his visit home from the Philipinnes – a welcome addition who we look forward to joining us permanently following the conclusion of his Pacific Rim assignment.  A “reverse General MacArthur” – he shall “return.”

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