Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

New Pace Car


3 faithful and 3 FRNG’s (Friday Run New Guy) ventured out into the cold and gloom in RVA today for RAMM run.

The Thang

Run around school to corner of Westmoreland and Grove.  Take a left of Grove, run to Three Chopt, turn around, run back to shovel flag.  When PAX see the first guy coming back down Grove, turn around and run back to shovel flag.


10x slow merkins

20x little baby crunches

2+ minute plank.  Countdown by abacus

COT and then Led out by Bleeder.


A little cold and windy to start out, but thankfully we had the wind at our backs coming home to the shovel flag.  Abacus led the pace today, the first run Johnsonville has not paced for the group.

Bleeder crushed his previous best and his daily goal, by making it past Libby before the turn back.

On the way out, Bleeder had his eyes set on Newman, and was pushing as hard as he could to catch him.  To his surprise, he started to reel in Newman about half way in.  To his shock, when he finally caught “newman” he figured out that it was not Newman at all, but a guy walking his dog that had a jacket on that looked similar to Newman’s.  #runningmirages

Was lonely out on the course today as the usual crowded Grove avenue was deserted because of tomorrows Richmond Marathon.


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