Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Is that a fire hydrant or TYA?

The PAX was five strong for our RAAM run. Great weather!

The Thang

QIC. THE Yankee Agressor

Mosey to corner of Grove and Westmoreland.

Run to three chopt and back. When first man is coming back, circle back. Meet at the corner of Grove and Westmoreland. Mosey back to shovel flag.

15x Merkins
20x Imperial walkers
15x Flutter kicks
25x Freddy Mercury


Total distance traveled was 3.6 miles for the full loop. Route was well lit with plenty of other runners out there with us. Everyone acquitted themselves well. Johnsonville led the way followed by Lockjaw, TYA, Newman and Bleeder watching our 6. Second time on the same route saw improvement for all.

For some of us (Johnsonville and TYA) the route today included a stop by the local Starbucks. No coffee purchased, but the bathrooms were well utilized! Bleeder noted that since it was around election time we did a “constitutional” run.

During the flutter kicks, after about 8 reps, Johnsonville started to laugh out loud. The Q, undaunted by the laughter, continued on with the cadence calls….until. One of the unleashed dogs (after taking his morning constitutional) moseyed over to TYA, started sniffing around and licking the sweat of his bald head. At that point TYA called a halt to the exercise. Thankfully, the dog recognized that TYA was not a fire hydrant!

Tomatoes were out there at the AO. Maybe the news that the group suspended operations during the cold weather was untrue? Bleeder?

Bleeder again wins a weekly award. Best dressed. Wow. Did he dress in the dark? #projectrunway



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