Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Who’s Qing?


Near-record setting numbers (maybe record setting?) of the faithful and FNGs descended on RVA’s favorite elementary school in the #gloom this morning for #45MOM. After a bit of confusion for who was supposed to Q (a tardy G-Lo and Orville), the PAX fearlessly ventured forth!

Without further ado, THE THANG:

TYA on Q:
(I technically wasn’t there yet, but here’s my best guess)
SSH x20
Merkin x17
Imperial Walker x20
LBC x18

Mosey to back of school for #TripleCheck.
Split up, groups of 3
Trade off holding #peopleschair, plank, and sprinting to Wimbledon fence
Everyone goes x3

Mosey to (surprisingly dusty) soccer field for COP:
Freddy Mercury x20
Side lunge, right x10
Side lunge, left x10

Handoff to J’ville for Q:
Line up for #THEBEAST
Merkin x36
Squat x36
Flutter kicks x36
Burpees x36
LBC x36
____ x36


Now, this was originally to be Q’d by G-Lo and Orville, but they dragged their butts. Triple claps to TYA and Johnsonville for filling in admirably on a great spur of the moment Q (hereafter shall be known as #SPOM-Q). Alas, the G-Lo/Orville #smokefest will have to wait until 11/13.

A new speed demon, FNG Lunatic Fringe, paced us all on #THEBEAST and is still out there somewhere, running.

Great job to all the FNGs–all left with fine nicknames, but In a Box will be tough to top for a long while.

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 9.56.43 AM

Next workouts:
• #RAMM (run) – Friday, 5:30 am at Mary Munford ES
• #GridIron (boot camp) – Saturday, 7:00 am at Pouncey Tract Park
• #NoToll (boot camp) – Tuesday, 5:30 am at Hugenot


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  1. I think it is great that Lunatic Fringe came around to give Orville some much-needed company out front. I try, but me keeping up with Orville is about as achievable as a sub 3 hour marathon. #notinthecards

  2. FYI, the Beast sequence was merkins, flutter kicks, squats, rosalitas, gadiators/burpees, LBCs.

  3. That was good clean fun. Again, thanks to TYA and Johnsonville for jumping in and taking the Q #BayWatch. Isn’t there a term for saying your going to Q and then being late? I can’t find it in the lexicon.

    That was for sure the biggest we’ve had post on a Thursday.