Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

“It’s not a tumor!!!”



Warm up:
jog to baseball field
SSH x 15
Windmills x 15
Imperial Walkers x15
Merkins x 15
LBC x 15

jog to soccer field

Line up on baseline for modified Arc Loader
1. Bear Crawl to 25, backward Crab Walk to 50, sprint the second half to baseline
At baseline, do 10 squats, then plank until everyone finishes
2. rinse and repeat
3. forward crab walk to 25, walking merkin to 50, sprint to finish. 10 squats and plank
4. rinse and repeat
5. zigzags to 50, sprint second half to baseline. 10 squats and plank
6. rinse and repeat

jog around back of school for  “Heartrate” COP circuits:

1. Air jump rope: 1 minute

Cross mountain climbers (Rocky Tops): 1 minute

30 sec rest

2. plank to pushup x 20

squat thrusts x 20
30 sec rest

Repeat and pass off to Loose Goose

Take a jog around the tennis court and ball fields behind the school. End at the bleachers between near ball field and school.

Partner up for The Wicked Googley #STH
– One partner stay at bleachers to alternate LBCs x12 and bleacher dips x12 OYO
– Second partner run the bus loop
– Tag your partner and switch
– Rinse & repeat (each partner does each segment 2x)

“Find the Marching band” – but not really.

Mosey to Conspiracy’s playground near the parking lot.

Same partners trade off the following exercises:
First set: Inverted rows/pull-ups and Rosalita, each x12 in cadence
Second set: Inverted rows/pull-ups and Hello Dolly x12 in cadence


Moleskin comments

The PAX missed TYA and his supply of blocks, hope all is ok and it wasn’t just a comfortable long stay in the fart sack…

Welcome to FNG Groh, even though he doesn’t see it, the original nickname of Hokies would have been high praise

Who knew there were trails behind the ball fields? Seems like those and the tree slices by the bleachers near the school could provide some good material for future workouts at the GridIron AO


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  1. Great work by Brain Tumor on his virgin Q. I would also like to explain my brief disappearance as related to #StiflersMom.

  2. The ol’ stifler’s mom. I was wondering why I heard crickets when I called on you for a countdown.