Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Inaugural RAMM


The PAX was six strong for our first RAMM run. Great weather and a good start to our running pursuits.

The Thang

QIC. THE Yankee Aggressor

Mosey to corner of grove and westmoreland.

Run to three chopt and back. When first man is coming back, circle back. Meet at the corner of grove and westmoreland.

10x Merkins
25x LBC
Planks for 90 seconds

Mosey back to shovel flag


Total distance traveled was 3.6 miles for the full loop. Route was well lit with plenty of other runners out there with us. Everyone acquitted themselves well. Johnsonville and Toga led the way followed by Lockjaw, TYA, Oyster, and Bleeder watching our 6. Ok Great to get into a running rhythm and to put in a cardio workout with the F3 crew.

When Johnsonville showed up solo, TYA asked him where his “girlfriend” was. Johnsonville explained that he and DKebob had a rough night together 😉

Bleeder gets both the courage award and the most abusive to the Q award. Bleeder gutted out 2 1/2 miles on 1 1/2 legs. By the end he could hardly lift his leg (and a half). Then when TYA announced a COP after the run Bleeder turned towards TYA and said “F$ck you”!!!! Very clearly and emphatically. Too funny!

Also noted at the AO, there were a group of four doing a workout together. They were dubbed F4. When Johnsonville went over to recruit them, the were moseying to the other side of the field. Toga noted that if it were ambulance, J-Ville, the lawyer, would have chased them.


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