Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Echoes and Whispers


Today’s PAX consisted of thirteen early risers who got out of the fart sack to head to the Near West End for this morning’s workout at Mary Munford Elementary (NOT “Mumford” like the band Mumford and Sons as I recently realized). Doner Kebab and Loose Goose led the festivities, and this group came to work!


Doner Kebab Q

  • Mosey to the opposite side of the school
  • COP with Side straddle hop x15, Merkins x 13, Imperial Walker x 12, Low Slow Squats x 12, and Little Baby Crunches in the cold wet grass x12
  • Mosey to the trees along Cary Street for . . . well, you know what’s next
  • 11s of Merkins and LBCs, wallking lunges between each stop.
  • Mosey to the near side of the school near the playground
  • COP with Burpees x8 OYO, Bicycles x12, Flutter Kicks x 12, Dolly x 12, and Rosalita x12
  • Mosey to the soccer field
  • (Newly created) Plank Indian Run, Conspiracy fell asleep while he was counting down from 20.

Loose Goose Q

  • Mosey to the edge of the basketball court near the bars
  • Circuit — half of the group does Inverted Pull Ups x10 while other half does Peter Parker Merkins x10. Recovery exercise was balance toe touches x7 left and x7 right. Rinse & repeat the Circuit of Pull Ups and Peter Parker Merkins
  • 2 lap run around the field (~8 min)
  • Plank up, with R arm to sky and L arm to sky
  • COT

MOLESKIN (partially provided by Bleeder):

A developing norm — the married guys politely say “morning” as the PAX passes by the gathering women’s group, but you can find the single guy(s) in the group by listening for the more chipper “morning ladies!”

The Indian Plank gave the opportunity to discuss the origins of Donor kabob’s name, Das good, Ya!

The echo count on the pull up bars turned into a giggle fest by Loose Goose.

Does anyone have a seeing eye dog to let DK use when he leads the moseying between pain stations?

Conspiracy and Orville had speed trails on the final run. Those guys can run!

With the parting comment, “Hey Bleeder’s not last.” (he just enabled in true CEO form, the shortest route is quickest)


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  1. One thing to add — great job by Doner Kebab in his virgin Q today. Plank Indian Run was great and my abs thank you