Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Saturday Morning Lights


It was a dreary, drizzly autumn morning, but 13 brave souls withstood the elements to witness Orville’s virgin Q. Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t loose…it was like Friday Night Lights on Saturday…not at night. Keeping with the football theme, the spirit of #KeithWalton was with us all during our workout (see photo).



Mosey to the (softball) diamond
SSH (x15)
Windmill (x15)
Freddy Mercurys (aka the Bicycle) (x15)
Plank Hops (x15)
Rousing game of #duckduckgoose
Rotated between planks, Hello Dollies, Mountain Climbers, & laughing at #Conspiracy while the geese mosey’d

Pair up
Cumulative sit ups (30 seconds on, 5 seconds to switch)
Mr. Ts (30 seconds on, 5 seconds to switch)
Bear crawls & tree tagging (15 trees each set)

Mosey to lacrosse soccer field for football drills inspired by the honorable #keithwalton

Mosey to tennis court for the #SamprasSet (I’m making up a lot of hashtags here)
50% jog to half court, 2 burpees, backpedal to original sideline, 50% jog to far court, 2 burpees, backpedal to original sideline
Rinse & repeat, but with 75% run & 4 burpees
Final set is 100%, sans burpees & backpedals

Mosey to blaktop for #plank-o-rama
Hold for 1:40 (regular, right hand high, left hand high)
Hold for 2:30 (regualr, RHH, LHH, Souther Gentleman, Yankee Aggressor)

Mosey to lower football field for #push-o-rama
Merkin (x10)
Peter Parker (x7)
Stagger Right (x6)
Stagger Left (x6)
Diamond (x5)

Orville took us out


T-claps to the youngest FNG to come to a Richmond F3 boot camp so far: Johnsonville’s son, Cheetah! Good #mumblechatter during the pairing up exercises. Winning team of Conspiracy & Swing State receive nearly 5,000 points for doing the most situps. T-claps, boys! Reassuring & encouraging smiles from Loose Goose kept me going in the right direction for my first Q. Backwards bear crawls up a short hill turned out to be the favorite exercise of the morning for Brain Tumor, as well as most of the PAX, I think. Toga (and others who will go unmentioned here but whose names rhyme with “Drum Tucket” and “Bronsonville”) think a tackling drill is the logical next step for the #keithwalton. We’ll see about that.

Stay safe this weekend, fellas.


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  1. Excellent leadership from #Orville! We’ve been discussing new ways to push the PAX, and Orville came with a whole collection of fun.