Wednesday, September 27
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

O O Susanna!


10 Redwoods met to run the mean streets of the West End on a beautiful cool morning.  The route was one of our best:  5 milers Pump, Church, across Gayton ES, to Poplar Forest and return on Ridgefield.  4 mi, peel off at Copperas.

YHC took us out.  Prayers for Gypsy’s 2.0, those that litter the earth, those that need a helping hand.

2nd F Coffeeteria at Dunkin.


  • Workout for Liv 6/16 7a @ Alamo
  • 5k in Westham, 6/16 8:30, see slack
  • Convergence at Crucible 7:30 6/23 – come celebrate the 9th anniversary of F3 RVA!
  • Sit N Sip 6/23 2p in Amelia. DM Gomer on slack for details.

NMS – Interesting how times have changed.  Eons ago boys would be boys (and that was not great for anyone, really).  in our lifetimes we kicked people out of their jobs for being over friendly (and worse, justifiably).  Soon it will be strange for candidates to have missed out on getting their youthful pics and acts on paid sites for Fans.  All for a good cause -or- senseless/demeaning – depending on who your friends are.

Get some!


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