Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Back to the rabbit warren


Seven svelte stallions met in the gloom to discover the called route was the rabbit warren which consists of running around in some neighborhoods and trying not to get lost. Some opted for the comfort of loops around MGHS which is 1/2 mile if you take a fat well proportioned route.

Roger Roger took us out. Prayers for Gypsys family and M. Recovery from injury.


  • Bluegrass festival at JRHS. free with a donation
  • Gomers anniversary Q Sat at DogPile.
  • May 6 CSAUP. Come on out and register your team!

NMS – YHC likes this route, but its a bit of a rabbit warren in there – just enough turns on one street to make you question the direction in the gloom. Thanks to Lighthouse for helping confirm turns in Canterbury. Happy to complete the Raintree hill without stopping – that hill is a gut check.

Great hanging out with the PAX at coffeeteria after.


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