Thursday, September 21
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Who said you can’t Hawt Potato a run?


Thursday night, 9th of February 2130 hours no Q on the sheet. Gypsy had recently texted that he would “in dispose” and we had no Q. YHC didn’t want to figure out a route and thought to himself “has there ever been a Hawt Potato Run?” There likely hasn’t, but who says there couldn’t?

Friday morning, 10th of February 0530 YHC calls “Hawt Potato Run” and we are off. North on Pump and right on Ridgefield. Next up Mr. Rogers excitedly calls for a left on Cox. YHC hadn’t officially released the Q but had been planning on a left anyways, so YHC let Mr. Rogers feel in control (he has a fluffy dog, he needed a win). Well it was the First Inaugural Currahee Bro-Code Hawt Potato. There were more turns and everyone made it back in time.

Blue Moon and Pigskin were keeping the AO safe as they were walking the AO and doing various exercises.

NMS – it was a fun time, and a perfect number of people to make such nonsense work

Thanks for the embracing the randomness.


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