Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Lighthouse has your macro economic analysis


Seven svelte stallions met up for perfect running weather.

YHC planned on the DRP / Brookmont route, aka the park route. This route is a little over 5mi and the PAX rocked it. (6 is easy to get to with a few loop extensions easily seen below.

4s mostly ran into the park and then back out along Ridgefield.

No fauna sightings on this route. The DRP back parking lot is still under construction.

This is a blow up of the park. Just stay to the right til you get to the back parking log.

YHC took us out. Prayers for Tippecanoe and some weird dental issue he is experiencing while away at uni at the moment.

NMS – Usual amount of mumble chatter with some extras coaxed by Mr Rogers – who always asks good questions. I learned that Lighthouse is ready to talk about economic structures and macro policy drivers – you just need to get him running a training pace to hear it. Whitesnake likes to talk and run too. YHC doesnt talk while training and the hills were at the edge of fitness level today.

YHC was glad to be able to log this one at 9 min miles. Its been a long time getting healthy. Achilles was whispering but feeling good post race.


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