Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Lakewood Manor trot



10 warriors drove out to curahee for a pleasant morning. We must mention 3 pax dropped off and put in extra steps. Mr. Rogers peeled off to his house. Whitesnake and Homeydo found a new route which made the excursion to 6 miles!

The route

Millington, left Ridgefield, left rolfield, rt rolfe way. Left john rolf pkwy. 4s turn back and reverse at gayton. 5s continue across gayton. Lakewood manor for one loop then reverse. 6s two loops in Lakewood manor!

The lost pax were found and returned unharmed. they requested to re-create the unknown route at a later time. All of this with a big welcome to our fng Hokie (hoos fan and graduate)

thanks for letting me be the tour guide!


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