Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



10 of the best from the West End and a fast visitor from Raleigh tried to not get lost in a 4-5 mile run that included ~1.5 miles of Rain Tree Trails (RTT). Lots of hills and different terrain hopefully was good BRR prep for a few of us. YHC is the only one who had experienced the trails before and noticed that the roots got bigger in the dark. The team only had one fall and some got lost after the trail ended but everyone made it back safely. The route went something like this:

Pump South to Falconbridge to Raintree South to the Raintree club.

Take the trail on the LEFT of the Raintree complex (some learned that going to the right of the complex is not possible) and then take the lake trail counterclockwise around the lake. Admire the lake and wildlife. 3/4 the way around the lake, take the trail on the right.

This trail takes you to Rounding Run which takes you back to Falconbridge. Go right on Falconbridge and quickly look for the trail entrance on the left.

Take the trail for a mile, avoid the roots and rocks, crossing the stream while avoiding the trolls living under the bridges. Trail ends at Rocky Point Parkway and find your way back to Ridgefield (done a few different ways).

Take Ridgefield down past Pump and come back on Old Prescott.

Announcements: BRR in Sept (need more runners), new AO in Manchester starting Saturday mornings at 7:30 with the Healing Place (see Offshore for more info), Sin N Sip 9/24 (see Gomer for more info). Check Slack for other stuff.

Prayers for Lab Rat and Gomer’s sister-in-law and family.

Good to have El Chapo from Raleigh join us the past couple of days. Always a privilege to Q and glad I did not get anyone too lost.


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