Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Hills either direction


7 runners took to the reverse route of what YHC last Q to see if Raintree is easier running the other direction. Turns out the whole of raintree sucks either way you run it.

4s: R on Pump, R on Ridgefield, R on Raintree. Stay on Raintree all the way until it crosses Gayton then follow it until that road ends on Pump. Pump all the way back to Godwin.

5s: Same as 4s but take Old Prescott loop once back at Godwin and add that extra mile. No 6ers.

NMS: Pinto led an insurrection with the 5s and added mileage heading back Pump before Godwin. This was likely a response to when YHC did the same thing when he pitched an 11-mile “Brocode” route a few weeks ago. Well played Pinto. Good running with Gypsy and Whitesnake. Dingy hung with the 5ers and Link was there at the end of the COP having missed us at the start. No EF Hutton here at this morning but YHC sure he posted somewhere to draw even with Handshake YTD in Big Data.

Announcements: Looks like April West-End lunch will be at Firehouse Subs next Tuesday. Gypsy is the Q for this. Prayers for DTH’s sister.


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