Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

All aboard the Soul Train


7 regulars, an FNG, and four legged friend joined for some cool-ish weather at Currahee. We had runners and walkers alike. Runners went Pump to John Rolfe to Gaskins to Gayton to Raintree to Falconbridge to Pump and back to the school. 4.6 miles. Walkers went on their own route.

Announcements/Prayer Request – Roger Roger and his family. Lighthouse and his family and the country of Ukraine. Two Can. Husky (Kubota’s 2.0) has surgery on his arm today.

NMS – Today was great. We had an extremely motivating FNG, Soul Train. Soul Train lives near Huguenot Park and he saw the men of No Toll on Tuesday and wasn’t sure who they were or what he was seeing so he put a message out on Facebook or Nextdoor and discovered it was F3. He searched the web and found F3 and F3RVA and has been reading backblasts and seeing the schedule. He decided to try Currahee since he had seen there were walkers and he felt it was the best opportunity for his first post. I can’t say enough good things about him coming. He didn’t know anyone and he didn’t know exactly what to expect but he woke up really early and drove across town without any expectations. Good for you Soul Train. We are better people to have you in the group. Its a testament to the rest of us that the community sees us, and the community is paying attention.


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  1. Kudos to Soul Train. Awesome that he researched us and showed up. First step from sad clowndem.

    Kudos to Gomer also, fantastic name. One of the best in a while.

    Trivia time, apart from Soul Train and White Men Can’t Jump, how else is Rosie Perez famous?

  2. Thanks Handshake, and everyone at Currahee. Can’t imagine a more welcoming group of guys. Truly a privilege to be a part of the workout today.