Thursday, September 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The art of running in the rain


8 men lept from the fartsack and into the gloom for a rain. We finished in a downpour. HOOah.

4 milers – Old Prescott, Glen Eagles, JRP, Ridgefield, Pump

5 milers – Old Prescott, Glen Eagles, JRP, Gayton, Turnbridge, Weather Vane, Green Mount/Oakney/Clarisbrook, Pump

NMS – shoes and clothes got a good washing today. Nothing better than that. Route planning at Curahee is a bit challenging because unlike RAMM, where you can just extend or shorten a block to get a precise distance, small changes can swing the distance by 1/2 mile. Missed turns create chaos – like drivers backing down the Jersey Turnpike, if you dont go back you could be going 10 min out of the way. YHC has to admit to second guessing a planned turn that shortened the planned route by .2 miles. This is a good thing because now we have a solid 5 mile loop. YHC favorite occurrence, after coming out of warren den of a neighborhood, is hearing the PAX (Handshake ?) saying something like “Oh THATs Pump”. Its even better when just moments before you can pick up side comments like “where the f*$k are we”. Temporarily misguided on a blue moon, but never in doubt. Thats the way to do it.

Looking forward to the track opening up.


  • CSAUP 10/23 – need 2 more for a pan Richmond team
  • Shoe drive – gently used shoes for men and boys
  • Beer(x4) mile(x1) at the Carillon 10/17

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  1. Good seeing AO cherries Pinto, Doublemint, and Swiper. Come on back any time!

    Nice running Pinto, it was a little longer than we discussed, but you looked great!

    Sorry if we held you back Swiper – its like a wild gray bearded cheetah just raring to go.

    Spit and Handshake looking forward to your next Currahee Q.

    Gitty Up!

  2. Handshake (aka Elbow Bump) on

    Gomer, I think you designed the route to only go uphill and never go downhill. What made it worse was I didn’t Gypsy the run, I chose to run with those faster than me…. 😉

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