Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The art of running in the rain


8 men lept from the fartsack and into the gloom for a rain. We finished in a downpour. HOOah.

4 milers – Old Prescott, Glen Eagles, JRP, Ridgefield, Pump

5 milers – Old Prescott, Glen Eagles, JRP, Gayton, Turnbridge, Weather Vane, Green Mount/Oakney/Clarisbrook, Pump

NMS – shoes and clothes got a good washing today. Nothing better than that. Route planning at Curahee is a bit challenging because unlike RAMM, where you can just extend or shorten a block to get a precise distance, small changes can swing the distance by 1/2 mile. Missed turns create chaos – like drivers backing down the Jersey Turnpike, if you dont go back you could be going 10 min out of the way. YHC has to admit to second guessing a planned turn that shortened the planned route by .2 miles. This is a good thing because now we have a solid 5 mile loop. YHC favorite occurrence, after coming out of warren den of a neighborhood, is hearing the PAX (Handshake ?) saying something like “Oh THATs Pump”. Its even better when just moments before you can pick up side comments like “where the f*$k are we”. Temporarily misguided on a blue moon, but never in doubt. Thats the way to do it.

Looking forward to the track opening up.


  • CSAUP 10/23 – need 2 more for a pan Richmond team
  • Shoe drive – gently used shoes for men and boys
  • Beer(x4) mile(x1) at the Carillon 10/17

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  1. Good seeing AO cherries Pinto, Doublemint, and Swiper. Come on back any time!

    Nice running Pinto, it was a little longer than we discussed, but you looked great!

    Sorry if we held you back Swiper – its like a wild gray bearded cheetah just raring to go.

    Spit and Handshake looking forward to your next Currahee Q.

    Gitty Up!

  2. Great run this morning! The downpour at the end made things interesting. Enjoy my second trip to the West End run. Will be back soon!


  3. Record numbers at Curahee, nice work!

    Gomer reads off the route like we have photographic memories.

  4. Handshake (aka Elbow Bump) on

    Gomer, I think you designed the route to only go uphill and never go downhill. What made it worse was I didn’t Gypsy the run, I chose to run with those faster than me…. 😉