Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



2 warriors jumped out of the fart sack and into the gloom for a 5 mile run.

Route- Pump, Carisbrook, Oakway, Weathervane, Turnbridge, Gayton, Ryandale, Timberly, JRP, Glen Eagles, Summerwood, Pump.

Prayers for folks who need courage – to overcome challenges from all walks of life whether addiction or bad situations.

NMS – Courage was the topic today and what it takes to face bosses, employees, yourself to overcome what is challenging you. Thanks for the discussion and setting the example, Mister Rogers.


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  1. Nice Run Mister Rogers.

    Is strange how the world works. Swirly just sent me a text about two definitions of FEAR
    Forget Everything And Run
    Face Everything And Rise

    most appropriate here.

    Gitty up!

  2. Mr. Rogers told you both had a good run/discussion. We need to set him a username and password so he can see all of this, Gomer. FYI, I ran my first solo Q at Currahee on Friday. I need to post it.