Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

ISO: A Well-Managed Running Club


6 warriors in search of an organized run AO converged on the parking lot at Godwin to welcome the gloom.

YHC provided no guidance, and off we went. The pax knew “this is a well-managed run AO”, so, without complaining, they followed right along.

The Thang:

Mosey up the trail through the vast wilderness separating the high school from Raintree. Stop at Willowick Ln for intro and to tell the pax we’ll be doing sprint drills today. (Surprise!)

Warm up run North on Willowick to dead end, then South to end of road at Windbluff Dr.

Turn left onto Windbluff – without stopping, start a sprint (approx. 150 yd) – turn around at stop sign at Raintree Dr. or when you get to pax who has already turned around. Walk / light jog back to Windbluff.

Go north to the next street, repeat: (Ashcresh, Maremont, Avenham, Willowick North cul-de-sac).

After sprints were done, we took a loop of left turns back down Willowick, Ashcrest, Raintree Dr, Avenham. Run back through trail to Godwin, 2 loops around the bus loop, and done.

Announcements / prayers:

Windy Gap men’s retreat is Aug. 27-30, near Asheville. No big agenda, mostly rest, hike, swim. Cheap price, good times. Talk to Greenbow or Doozy if interested, we both went last year and loved it.
Thanks to Splinter, who took us out, including a prayer for my son – who visited the Ortho Friday. His X-ray turned out good, so he was able to get his arm cast removed and is doing great!


Gomer and I didn’t run together last week (he’s WAY too fast, and I was late..) but we had a great conversation, including me asking for advice how to get my run a little faster. He suggested some track work and sprints. The advice, along with Gomer being out of town, and a Spider Run where Splinter had us do sprints, led me to today’s workout!

Sprint intervals were different from the usual, but allowed a slow guy like me to keep up with everyone – and we all got to push to see what a run at a faster pace / sprints feels like.

Signing off from “the most well managed RVA Friday run AO”

SYITG -Greenbow


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  1. Handshake (aka Elbow Bump) on

    Thanks for taking the lead, Greenbow. This is an incredibly well managed running AO 😉

  2. That was a complete surprise and I throughly enjoyed the sprints. Now I know what it feels like when you aren’t expecting sprints and they get shoved right in your face. Well done!