Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Who Wants To Be A Proctologist?


Seven arrived in time for clear, concise NASCAR approved directions. 

The Route

All Runners:

  • Left on Gateway
  • Left on Campus
  • Right on Boatwright
  • Left on Edgehill
  • Right on Bandy and continue on Three Chopt
  • Left on Patterson
  • Left on Westham Pkwy


  • Left on Lakewood
  • Left on College
  • Right through Robins Center lot


  • Left on University
  • Left on College
  • Right on Campus
  • Right on Gateway
  • Lap around Lake


  • Left on Club Vista Ln
  • Left on College
  • Right on Campus
  • Right on Gateway
  • Lap around Lake

Numberama, Nameorama, COT


Turns out YHC’s directions were too clear, so the 6’s opted to complicate the route just a hair and turn left on Horsepen, add a turn or two, then re-emerge on Westham.  Splinter can nearly fill a bucket with lost water weight.  As the PAX stood around comparing Joe Biden’s best chances of winning in November to Weekend at Bernie’s, Saab’s proctologist ran by and said hello.  Somehow, he knew Saab by face as well.  Naturally, the conversation took a turn and many a laugh was had as we pondered how one decides on that career trajectory and what a typical day is like. 


Convergence – Saturday NoToll


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  1. The ASSMAN!!! I love it. Great pull EF Hutton. Also, great route. Herein known as the Hutton Hike.

    Singer’s expression when I wrung out my shirt was priceless. Not sure he ate breakfast this am as a result.

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