Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Vacation is over


Two Keydets showed at Batteau this morning, one coming off a nice family beach vacation, the other getting ready to go into a similar battle in the coming days. in typical Batteau fashion the hot potato had the Q this morning.

YHC moseyed everyone over to tennis courts for some good stretching. It went like this – various reps of Donny Q’s, helicopters, imperial soldiers, right leg over left leg, the reverse, Fuddskies, Wilsons, and some side straddle hops to get the blood pumpin.

Mosey over to the parapet area where we proceeded with three rounds of 10 incline merkins, 15 dips, run to the top of the hill and back. To balance out the muscle groups, next three rounds included 20 WW2s and 30 flutter kicks.

Flatline took the potato and ran us down to the lake. First lap around the lake 3x merkins at each light pole, second lap 5x jump squats at each light pole.

Mosey back up the hill to the tennis courts with time to spare for a little Mary. We did some WW2s, hand release merkins, Freddie Mercury’s, plank at various heights, and some other fun exercises that have escaped my memory.

Back to the flag for names and numbers. YHC appreciated having some quality Keydet time with a fellow alum that he has great respect for. Flatline took us out with some kind words.

Also props to Flatline for posting while on family vacation!


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