Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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In my ultimate authority and without consultation, I have made a change to the website such that all posts will now have a default featured image. Continuing the theme of autocracy, the default image for all posts will be an original B&W photo of old glory.

Having an image for every post helps with the overall fit and finish on the website but additionally, I just like having one.

Adding a featured image to a post is straightforward. In the right gutter of every post there is a Featured image section. This is the same sidebar where you choose the category of the post (Richmond, Hampton Roads, News, Events). Choose an image, uploading a new image if necessary, and publish your post as usual.

If you do not want a custom featured image then you do not need to do anything different than you are currently doing and the default image will be used.

Ping me with any questions. Complaints can be redirected to the hotline.




  1. Ok. Slight modification here. I have set a the default for news and events posts but not all posts. The repetition of flag was a little too much.

    I still encourage people to use the featured image on posts. It will still work as described above, there just won’t be an American flag repeating when scrolling through posts.