Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Berenstein or Berenstain?


4 scraggly bear cubs timidly gathered in the gray drizzle, shaking off hibernation and their grizzly-sized bellyaches after spending the night gorging on the spoils of Bon Air’s high falutin’ food waste. Only the finest trash to table for these hairy beasts.

Moseyed on down to the circle and warmed up with some Don Quixotes, helicopters, cherry pickers, imperial walkers, mountain climbers, and a few dozen side straddle hops.

11s at every light post up to the first lot, mirkins and v-ups.

In the lot, 4 corners escalating jump squats, curb dips, flutter kicks and lbcs.

Double check 100 jerkins on the bar with running up the stairs and a burpee.

Mosey across the lot, bear crawl the grass sections all the way to Forest Hill.

Another double check loop around the circle, 100 traffic cone-raises above the head, 200 traffic cone American hammers, and 50 WW2 with traffic cones above the head.

Indigenous run with 3 mirkins back to the flag, finishing with 1 minute elbow plank hold.

From bear cubs to grizzly men in 45 minutes flat. Werner Herzog is proud of you all.


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  1. Solid beatdown with an on the fly Q. The 100 Jerkins were a beast until the WWII’s. Great job Snuff.