Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Can’t nobody hold us down


4 Playboys emerged from the warmth (and dryness) of the Fartsack to get lost in the West End.

YHC didn’t pay attention when running with Gomer so we started the correct route and YHC promptly took a wrong turn, but it was all good!!!! We did our thing, ran through Raintree to Gayton and into Canterbury neighborhood and around to Pump, Pump back to Godwin and a loop around the school and a few loops around the Bus Loop. We posted 4.5 miles in the rain.

Announcements: Region Specific non-Convergence for The Murph. Also, YHC’s oldest son Tripp (aka Moss) turns 7 today.

NMS – YHC received a text last night from Gomer Pyle that he was going to be out of town and a Q was needed. Out of worry of posting solo YHC texted Probation for backup. Shortly after Greenbow sent a text as well. YHC was glad to know there would be a couple other homies. When YHC got to Currahee and Greenbow emerged from his car so did Roger, Roger! It was great to see both Greenbow and Roger, Roger. We talked about the affects of the Covid-19 on our jobs and society as a whole. Prayers for Roger, Roger as he makes a leap to a different career. Can’t nobody hold us down!


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  1. Nice work Handshake! I am sure we’re going to discover a few new routes out there when we make wrong turns.

    Great to see you guys come out!

    Happy to do what I can to help with your transition Roger Roger.

    Gitty up!

  2. Ha! I totally missed this post Handshake. Well done. A great first run at Currahee! Great meeting for the first time two long time F3ers.