Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Catch and Release at MANNdate


Two Showed up for the Hump day Kettle bell workout surprised as we were expecting strong numbers due to a good showing at DaVille so we start with a mile run to get the Monthly challenge daily activity off the list for today. We mosey to some dry sidewalk at the school entrance for the COP.


20 SSH, 10 Imperial Walkers, 15 arm circles (10 small 5 big, reverso, lunges 10 each leg, 20 LBC and mosey to side walk to pick up kettle bells.


Triple check with six stations at the parking lot loop. We started with 10 reps of demon crushers at mid point of loop, mosey to corner 1 goblet squats, corner 2 lawn mower rows (10 each arm), mid point (other side) sit up press, corner 3 kettle bell swings and corner 4 Halos (5 clockwise, 5 counter clockwise). Between the stations we mosey with slingshot multiple directions with the KB.

Repeato above with 10 reps and the final round we performed 15 reps each.


Numberama, Namerama .

Moleskin –

While working out yesterday we discussed upcoming KB hump day and was not sure who would Q, Trout boasted that he would take it so it was a surprise to YHC and Corned Beef that he did not show up. So Catch and Release became the BB title.

Have a great day gents….See you in the gloom.


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