Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Virtually F3RVA’s Newest AO


On Wednesdays beginning April 15th, F3RVA will have an online AO and virtual beatdown via Zoom.

Location? Your yard. We do this outdoors.

The name? Smell Like Your Own Dog’s Piss for a Change. YHC will accept suggestions for revisions. Perhaps Davillians can provide a one-syllable revision.

More logistics:

The Zoom meeting number is 822-7005-7337. The password will be posted to Slack (or message YHC).

Identify a chair or some other surface in your yard for Dips, Decline Merkins, etc.

An ideal setup is probably wireless earbuds with a tablet or phone on a stand. Next best (YHC’s boat) is a phone in your pocket with wired earbuds. Otherwise, you can call the number from a home phone. Consider a ziplock bag for the phone if moisture is a concern.

Install the Zoom app on your device. On a phone, swipe right to switch to gallery view to view more PAX at once. Do not put yourself on mute – the point of this is to let the other PAX know you’re there.

Check the wifi around your house. If it doesn’t reach, consider switching to cellular data only.



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