Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Nimble to dodge downpour


Four warriors gathered right after Easter Sunday. Interestingly there were 30+ cars including Lockjaw’s one parked there. Maybe neighbors wanted to make sure that their cars were safe during the rainstorm. EF Hutton showed up with a new hair style (mohican?)and a new car and Handshake looked good with his haircut. His wife did a good job!

Here is how it went:

EF Hutton led the COP: 20X SSH, 10X helicopters, 10X merkins, 20X american hammers, 20X LBC. First exercise was Dora at the basket ball court. One partner ran to the end of the court and back and the other partner 100X merkins, 200X Squat, 300X SSH. Handshake led the second and third exercises. We moseyed to the field by jumping over the fence. The second exercise was to do 20X donkey kicks, run to the monkey bars and do 5 pull ups with three rounds individually. The third exercise was four corners at the field. At first corner, 10X WWII, at second corner, 10X WWII and 20X flood kicks, at third corner, 10X WWII, 20X flood kicks, 30X american hammers (2 count), at forth corner, 10X WWII, 20X flood kicks, 30X american hammers (2 count), and 40X LBC. Bodos took us to the entrance to the building next to the basket ball court. Four different exercise with three rounds–ball to the wall, dips, elbow plank, and bear crawl (timer). Hitchhiker led the last exercise in a parking lot. Each person took a corner and did the following exercise together: 50X merkins, 50X squat, and 50X american hammers.

No ammountcement.

The following were lifted up in prayer:

  1. Ask Lord for healing and peace over those who are sick of COVID19 and their family
  2. Ask Lord for wisdom for leaderships in the US to better cope with this situations
  3. Ask Lord for knowledge for medical experts so that they can discover vaccine for COVID19
  4. Ask Lord for protection and safety over DTH and his family


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  1. Thanks for writing it up Hitch. @Bodo’s, figuring, or at least hoping, i’ll never have an opportunity within my professional life to do something stupid like give myself a mohawk again, so it’s here to stay, until such time as quarantine is lifted and I have to see bosses, clients and coworkers again. Thinking this would be a great week to give myself a neck tattoo.