Thursday, November 26
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The First Last Resort


Six dedicated stalwarts woke up to the soothing sound of rain, thermometers that read 42, and said, “Ahhh, just right.”

While the rain surely kept any and all FNGs away from this brand new AO, the PAX made the most of our new surroundings, particularly the generous amount of covered space surrounding the building. Here’s what went down:

Mosey to the Back Porch for COP: SSH, Don Quixote, helicopters, Russian soldiers, Freddie Mercury, LBCs, hand-release merkins.

Part 1: The AquaBear
On a variation from the Polar Bear, PAX AquaBear the length of the bus ramp (AquaBear = bear crawl with a burpee at regular intervals, in this case, each of the 13 pairs of columns along the bus ramp).

Part 2: A Pair of 11s
Greatest Generation: in deference to the sacrifices and hardships our grandparents endured, a set of 11s featuring WWIIs and squats (since they invented the nuclear bomb drill). Run length of bus ramp in between.
All-American: switch the exercises to Merkins & American Hammers

Part 3: It Looked Good On Paper
What was supposed to happen:
There are 15 doors set into alcoves around the school. Each PAX member goes into a consecutive doorway and performs his exercise until passed, Indian Run style, by the last man. Switch to the next exercise until you’re the last man. Run to the front and continue until PAX has completed a lap around the school.

What happened:
YHC hastily explained the general idea, left PAX members in their alcoves, and hoped for the best. Two successful men passed by, then…nothing. After a pause and some discussion, a rescue mission was staged to collect the rest of the PAX, and this experiment was put on hold.

Part 4: Improvise
The rain had mostly quit, and we had a few minutes still. Mosey to the parking lot and do a Lt. Dan in each parking space around the center island.

YHC is immensely grateful for the PAX that showed up today. 42 and rainy will drive away any potential FNG. We will try again next week!

-Mr. Holland


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  1. Handshake (aka Elbow Bump) on

    I loved the crew we had yesterday. Way to go Boberry! I didn’t know the mighty James could be legally crossed during these trying times

  2. Nice kickoff for the new AO and rain made this a classic F3 commitment and the FNG’s will come, nice workout and look forward to learning more about this AO. Cheers…CB

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