Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The New and Improved DTH ShakeWeight Rain Dance



The NoToll gloom welcomed 15 feather-clad indigenous Richmond natives to a Rainmaking Pow Wow. The clock struck 0530 and YHC directed the PAX to each collect two Mother Earth shakeweights (bricks) from the DTH mobile. Here’s how those finely feathered gloom warriors danced a downpour into existence:

Mosey to the parking lot for COP #1:

  • Welcome & F3 Disclaimer
  • Bricks in each hand for the following:
  • Don Brickotes x10 IC
  • Russian Brick Soldiers x10 IC
  • Brick Herpees x10 IC
  • LBC + Bricks on Chest x10 IC
  • Flutters + Hallelujah Bricks x10 IC

Mosey to Field #1 for COP #2:

  • Four Corners with Shakeweights in Hand:
  • x10 Burpees
  • x20 WWII
  • x30 Squats + Overhead Presses
  • x40 AmHammers

Line up for COP #3:

  • Two lines of facing PAX holding bricks out at eye level between
  • Last man bear crawls under the brick archway to the front, with each man at the back following suit
  • PAX Traverse Field in this manner


Mosey back to Parking Lot for COP #5:

  • Partner Up:
  • P1 starts Polar Bearing with Bricks in hand around Lot while P2 runs ahead around lot carrying their own pair of Mother Earth Shakeweights
  • Upon reaching partner, switch, and continue alternating until Polar Bears have circumnavigated the Lot
  • Front runners go back for the SIX with Lunging to final corner
  • RAIN DANCE SUCCESS!!! …Commence Downpour…

Mosey BTTF for MARY:

  • Brick-Gripping Arm Circles IC, x5 Small Ea Way, x5 Large Ea Way 
  • Dying Brickotes x10 IC
  • Imperial Squat Walkers, Hallelujah Bricks Overhead, x10 IC
  • Brick Merkins x10 IC


  • Counterama # 15
  • Namerama
  • Announcerama (see Comments)
  • YHC took us out in Prayer


  • Now THAT was fun! YHC’s great white Silverado is getting some TLC in the shop (hence a scarcity on Caber fun recently), but the M’s 4-Runner worked just fine for hauling 4 score Mother Earth Shakeweights! Where’s Hardywood when you need him?! I was all ready to do provocative Shakeweight Dance for him… Favorite moment of the morning is catching Draper in the act of using his manhood to hold the bricks during a little AlGore-Brick-orama. “His penis has arms!” …?… Next time YHC is gonna have to come up with a “Aint got no thumbs” exercise (same idea as Lt Dans), since holding bricks for 45min apparently is a major thumb muscle burn. Thx to Doozie for being YHC’s timekeeper for the AM. Appreciate all you guys coming out in the warm rain to join me in this madness we live so much. SYITG!

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  1. That sucked incredibly and was fun all at the same time. Thumbs, abs, shoulders – all toast, completely. Well done DTH. We will send you the bill for all the ligament replacement procedures needed after this workout.

  2. My bricks must’ve taken on some serious water during the downpour — they were feeling damn heavy by the end. I’m smoked like a peace pipe.

  3. Great ingenuity with the coupons, DTH! The Mary at the end was icing on the cake; was already spent at that point.

    Have a great eve, Gents!