Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Let’s play Fetch


8 Humans and 1 K9 gathered at the Forge for a Flange Q. 5:30, let’s Mosey…Prince will find us!

Mosey to bottom of hill by tennis courts (that apparently Mr Roper had no idea were there) for COP: Helicopters, Copper Head Squats, Imperial Walkers, Russian Soldiers, Planking arm circles (yes, it can be done), starting with left arm out for 15 count-right arm for 15 count, LBC’s, Captain Thor’s. Ah, Prince jumped in somewhere in the mix.

Mosey on to culdesac stopping at first light pole and partner up. Count forward six poles and that’s the stopping point. 1 partner runs to last pole and back while 1partner performs 10 each of Squats, Merkins, single count MC’s and then bear crawls to partner 1 get back to partner 2, switch and repeat till both reach the last pole. Let’s Mosey…

Stop at side parking lot with large grass median for a Lindsay. Start at bottom of median with 10 CCDD’s, run up to top of median and perform 35 Squats, run back down other side to starting point, adding 5 at the bottom, subtracting 5 at the top till original numbers are satisfied, flipped.

Mosey to large, grassy knolls, three to be exact. Start at base of first one, 5 Burpees, bear crawl to top, run to other end, crawl bear down, 10 WWII’s, repeat knolls 2&3 X 2 rounds, eliminating exercises on the second round for sake of time. Back to Flag.

Numberama, Namerama, No announcements, YHC took us out.

Great job, men and Cooper! Cooper was ready for action and enjoying some fetch with his tennis ball he carried all the way from home, until his Owner chucked the ball down the storm sewer! While confused and dejected, Cooper maintained his enthusiasm to be there. There was plenty of talk about the lost ball that lead to several stories involving balls, as most can imagine. I’ll spare you of those stories!

Have a great day!


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