Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Magnificent Seven


Seven gunslingers rode into Batteau looking for a tough fight…or beat down, hot potato style!

COP-Swirly: SSH, Copper Head Squats, DQ’s, Imperial Walkers, Helicopters, Hip Flexers (sorry, not certain of the F3 name), Merkins

Bleeder: Mosey to bottom of hill to lake path. Run to first light post perform 10 Merkins, 2nd light post perform 20 squats, 3rd post perform 30 Box Cutters. Rinse and repeat till completed full lap around lake.

Faceplant: Partner up. Start at bottom of hill, one partner begins the trek uphill stopping at each street light for Burpees, starting With 5 at the first, increasing by 5 at each pole on the way up! Other partner is performing 100 SSH’s, rolling into 100 scissor kicks (major brain fart right now), repeating exercises till partner 1 returns. Partners switch, recover.

Flange: Mosey to top of stairs for 11’s. Since we didn’t get enough Burpees in, burpees at the poles, run to first lamp for 2 count Mountain Climbers. Time was called before we could complete…except for Sippy!

Back to flag, numberama, Namerama, YHC took us out.

Man, that was a smoker! As Bleeder put it, Sippy kept getting stronger… way to crush it! Great job by all this morning and good numbers for a gloomy Batteau. Sorry, for the late back blast…crazy day. Way to push, men!


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