Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Cinder Block Triples


On a cool morning SOJ 9 Brave souls showed up for what would urn out to be a change from the norm


SSHs x 20

Jazzercise x 10

DQ x 10

Copper Head Squats x 10

LBCs x 20

APDs x 10

Mosey past YHC Truck, Grab 3 Cinder Blocks and continue to Lightpole Alley

Triple Checks with Cinder Blocks

Round 1 – Runner to Basketball Courts and Back – Curls with Block – Squats

Round 2 – Runner – Lay on back with Block and Press up – Box Cutters

Round 3 – Runner – Hold Block above head or parallel – Hold 6 inches

Round 4 – Runner – WWII Press with Block, Lunges

Mosey back to Flag, Circle Up with Blocks 2 PAX apart, 20 Curls and pass to the left, while waiting on blocks all PAX do SSHs, got through 2 rounds.

Numberama, Namerama, YHC took us out!


Hammers and Ales this weekend, See Pre Blast

Cash for Stache – Donate to Vinny and Gumbo – See Pre blast

Prayers for Marv’s Family as he lost his mother!

Continued prayers for Cerrrano’s Family!


Awesome work this morning Gents! I appreciate everyone indulging the Coupons this morning, it was a nice change a pace. Tons of mumblechatter this morning, until the air went foul, I’ll let Cerrano explain that one. Loved to see Oyster pushing to keep up with Rosie on the runs, way to push brotha! Strong work fellas, make it a great day not only for yourself, but others a round you!



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  1. Appreciate you bringing the props out Duke, especially considering Sparky is too scared to come back out and bring his. Thanks to Ceranno for waiting to release his salmon and malbec that almost made Nancy spill merlot release until I was running. Love the push Oyster, also love the mutual decision on the last round or two to back off the all out sprints.
    Go Nats.

  2. I feel like each Twolf is filled with minimal breeze and crop dusting, which our team clearly took to heart. Thankfully the gloom hid my tears from laughing so hard as I tried to run after my “whoa, good luck” statement. We saved a life today fellas… if that happened at home someone would have surely needed medical attention.

    Thanks for the morning & prayers, and keep paying the thoughts and reach outs forward to others gents. Our job to help make this a better place.


  3. Did you say “Keeping up with Rosie”? That’s not how I remember it. Well done Duke I’m feeling this one.

  4. Ug, hate it when it cuts me off. Great lead this morning Duke!! Well done variation. Thanks for the triple team Duke and Rosie. Note to self do not exercise downwind of Cerrano.

  5. Killin me Duke, I had to move three trailer loads of dirt today and after the first trailer I was really feeling the cinder block curls. Cerrano, it’s all fun and games until I puke on you!!!!