Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Tabata Time


Apologies for the abbreviated post, YHC is writing the back blast on his phone. Today, YHC led a group of 10 on a TABATA themed workout. Highlights… warmup cadence was NAILED, no Winkie’s were consulted AND YHC was able to deliver a new Wednesday workout after Tobit’s harassment on Tuesday.

Warmup: Jazzercise, Side Straddle Hops, Don Quixote’s, Russian Soldiers, Copperhead Squats and Merkins.

The Thang: The group ran around the school. On the route, 3 stops. First stop – Mountain Climbers, High Knee Run, Burpee (repeat all 3 for 1 set). Second stop – Kick the Curb, Right leg Jump Lunges, Left leg jump lunges (repeat all 3). Third stop – LBC’s, Freddie Mercury’s, Heels to Heaven, American Hammer (repeat all 4). The Pax made it around the school twice.

After the second trip around the school, a little time was left so a quick set of merkins – regular, wide grip, close grip (repeat). Then mozey back to the flag for quick ring of fire with your favorite an exercise.

Numberama, Namearama with YHC taking us out in prayer. Great to have Flatline back with the PAX after his busy summer. Enjoyed working out with you again.

Special request to keep Marv and family in thoughts and prayers after the passing of his mother earlier in the week.

Other announcements – Stash for the Cash and Hammers and Ales fundraisers are underway. Search F3 site for info.

Great day to be with you as always.


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