Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Haka anyone?


With a temperature and daylight availability consistent with October, we gathered on the Pouncey Tract Park pavement for GridIron. Short mosey away from our vehicles for SSHs, IWs, and DQs. Spread out within the parking lot and run marking lines for about 5 minutes. Return to a circle for Russian Soldiers, Suzanne Somers(es), and Arm Circles.

Mosey across the park to the middle school’s football field. Circle up again and complete a traditional Jack Webb – start with 1 Merkin and 4 Overhead Shoulder Presses. Round two, complete 2 Merkins and, per the original ratio, 8 Presses. Continue, through ten rounds, to eleven, completing 11 Merkins and 44 Overhead Presses in the final round. Pause between rounds to stay together.

Jog in the direction of the school and circle once again in the lower field for leg-focused Jack Webb alternating Squats and Single-Count Side Lunges. Pause between rounds to stay together and complete through round ten.

Saunter back to the park property to the lower multi-purpose field. As you might have guessed, we worked through another Jack Webb, but this one focused on core muscles with WWII Sit Ups and Reverse Crunches as the exercises. Dead cockroach between sets to gather the PAX.

As the Rugby World Cup is currently underway, we utilized a rugby ball during the final quarter or so of the workout. Started by taking turns kicking conversions through the football goal posts – one warmup round followed by a round that counts. Make it and nothing happens. Miss it and everyone does a couple of Burpees.

Assemble on the field for a brief discussion and deconstructed brief group rendition of a haka (The haka (/ˈhɑːkə/;[1] plural haka, in both Māori and English) is a ceremonial dance or challenge in Māori culture.[2] It is a posture dance performed by a group, with vigorous movements and stamping of the feet with rhythmically shouted accompaniment. – source Wikipedia). Famously, the New Zealand All Blacks perform a haka prior to each rugby match, but a couple of other nations have their own pre-match versions. Google it as YHC doesn’t have the perms (or skills perhaps) to post pics and vids (our administrators are smart).

Finish the morning with a couple of minutes of touch rugby within a small corner of the field. Final score 0-0, but good action. Mosey back to the parking lot for COT and YHC took us out.


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